[LCS] Cruise Server

Where passion leads.

[LCS] Cruise is a solid, popular and flourishing community on the Live For Speed Demo. We've been online since 2015 and currently run 2 servers to provide our players a total of 30 demo slots. It's by far the most popular server on the whole demo community.

If you're looking for a realistic themed server, if you're interested at police actions, rescue and much more, or you just like general cruise, you are in the right place. Take a look to our forum and join our lovely and active community. You' re the reason of our existence!


[LCS-R] Race Team

"If you feel your car perfectly under control, it means that you're not going strong enough." Colin McRae

Being car lovers, we can't forget about racing. For this reason, we have a dedicated racing team to go alongside our cruise and drift ones. We have a personal race server in which we periodically organize events such as endurance races. Check on the forum for setups, tips and other information from our professional racers to get the lowest times possible!


[LCS-D] Drift Team

"I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way." Keiichi Tsuchiya

Having a racing team, it's only fair to have a drifting one too. Our drift team is already decently large and is expanding rapidly. You can find them driving around Blackwood with smoking hot tyres at insane angles.


Why choose us?

G&C Servers

99.9% uptime servers thanks to G&C Hosting's DDoS protection.


One of the most stable InSims around - lots of features and constant updates.

What is LFS?

We are operating on one of the best car simulations around, Live For Speed.


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Our Team

We actively search new staff, show us what you're made of! No applications needed: we choose you!

Data Safety

We guarantee protection for all your private files with state of the art cryptography.